Respite From An Unmade Bed

(Published in Cacophony anthology)

Weathered cliffs stand guard 

over a white beach cove, 

the wind’s salty breeze barely a brush 

across unsullied sands we’ve traveled far to reach 

and stroke with the soles of our feet.
We arrive exhausted at this tranquil shore. 

Now we can be still, 

enjoy the swallow of fine powdered sand,
enter soft rippling waves,

revel in the cerulean tide’s caress,

clasp the coastal arc’s calm, welcoming hand 

with our own beleaguered one.

—a faraway corner of the world that lulls like a warm cup of tea

Sounds hush, save for an occasional seabird’s call,

remove us from uncivil discourses of our own making,
raging wildfires of our own making, 

torrential rains of our own making,
unbearable heat waves of our own making,
and a war not far away (also of our own making?)—

all reduced to a shadow barely noted,
like the fleeting blink of an eyelid,
every so often breaking our focus for a fraction 

of a second, when we’re subtly reminded 

of the mess we’ve left behind 

and ask, “What was that?”

Recent Reviews

Impressively original, exceptionally charming, fully entertaining, and with an important message about the importance of the acceptance of difference for children ages 5-8, "Who Wants to be Friends With a Dragon?" is an especially and unreservedly recommended addition to family, elementary school, and community library collections for young readers.

Midwest Book Review

This book is an awesome, welcome addition to my little children’s library. Should be picked up by therapists, teachers, parents and grandparents if they want their children to learn to accept and socialize with other children different from them. Couldn’t ask for a better book to share with my little friends.

Amazon Customer

The story follows a timid dragon that wishes to leave his current world and make new acquaintances. The book can be used to teach children about not being judgmental of others and how a single act of kindness can go a long way toward building great relationships.

Nothing But Picture Books

"There are multiple teachable moments within “Who Wants To Be Friends With A Dragon” for parents and teachers to expand upon. I believe this book will make an exceptional addition to any school, church, daycare, or family library."

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