(Published in Redwood Writers Phases collection)

She is an orchid we have watered 

fertilized with nourishment and love

Her stem is slim but strong 

She knows only one way to grow— 

toward open space 

grasping reachable air

Her gentle bouquet cascades 

along the soft curve of her arm

a tender waterfall of blossoms

She faces the sun

commanding the light to find her 

feed her 

She presses forward 

single-mindedly away from the soil 

as if she’s waving 

a winning lottery ticket

Her petals brush each other 

And share a laugh

Her lush leaves find the breeze 

and dance their heart out

Recent Reviews

Impressively original, exceptionally charming, fully entertaining, and with an important message about the importance of the acceptance of difference for children ages 5-8, "Who Wants to be Friends With a Dragon?" is an especially and unreservedly recommended addition to family, elementary school, and community library collections for young readers.

Midwest Book Review

This book is an awesome, welcome addition to my little children’s library. Should be picked up by therapists, teachers, parents and grandparents if they want their children to learn to accept and socialize with other children different from them. Couldn’t ask for a better book to share with my little friends.

Amazon Customer

The story follows a timid dragon that wishes to leave his current world and make new acquaintances. The book can be used to teach children about not being judgmental of others and how a single act of kindness can go a long way toward building great relationships.

Nothing But Picture Books

"There are multiple teachable moments within “Who Wants To Be Friends With A Dragon” for parents and teachers to expand upon. I believe this book will make an exceptional addition to any school, church, daycare, or family library."

Read Reviews Kids

Linda Drattell’s latest poetry collection is a reflection born out of resilience… tenacity, healing, dealing with unexpected trials and contemplating the wonder of everyday life… Her poems honor the precious bonds with loved ones …I like to revisit her words, to savor them in silence or share them…

Julia Hone