“Clover” is Now Published!

My poem, “Clover,” is now published by Wingless Dreamer Publisher in the their Unveil the Memories anthology! I have since worked on the poem and am presenting it here in its most current form:


Darting ball of mocha fur,

speckled Nubian ears,

inquisitive face,

horns barely buds,

she’d jump on my back,

straddle her mother,

flop onto my beach chair,

press her forehead

against the mesh seat

to see what was up

on the other side,

even then a feisty goat.

When her horns grew

to the length of my thumbs,

she retreated from the butts

of raucous bucks,

glanced at me glumly.

Stick up for yourself, I said.

The herd is a rough place.

Her youthful eyes locked with mine,

then she turned and fought back,

head-butted everything in sight,

newest bully of the field.

That one,

the farm manager said,

shaking his head.

I found another farm,

then another,

and another.

Finally, a friend

with her own herd

an hour away

agreed to take her in.

Two bone curves

now crowned her head,

fully formed,


She tried again

to bully her way,

rammed her head

against a fencepost,

broke both horns,

lost her edge,

a full-grown nanny banished

to the lowest rung

of the ladder,

her rank below

even that of the newborn

whose own head

was just busting buds.

No choice but to accept her place

in this newest herd.

My beautiful doe,

my Clover.

But, really,

it’s her own fault.

Or is it mine?

Mindful mother that I was,

demanding she

stick up for herself.

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