“The Fishing Trip” Is Now Published!

My poem, “The Fishing Trip,” below, is now published in Wingless Dreamer’s Summer Fireflies anthology!

Fishing Trip

Halibut, mackerel, jellyfish too
Leapt from the water to steal a canoe
Sandwiches, fishing rods, bait tackle, woo!
“Treasure!” they cried, then ate hot Brunswick stew.

Halibut, mackerel, jellyfish too
Searched for the fishermen, “They’re swimming, whew!”
“Glass of white wine?” one asked. “Thanks, I’ll take two.”
Jellyfish grinned and said, “I’ll have a few.”

Halibut, mackerel, jellyfish too
“Beautiful sunset,” they gabbed. “What a view!”
Halibut sighed, “No idea that birds flew!”
Mackerel belched and coughed up a cashew.

Halibut, mackerel, jellyfish too
Jellyfish tried to put on a man’s shoe.
“Foot doesn’t fit,” the sea jelly did rue,
Halibut flapped a fin, mackerel chewed.

Halibut, mackerel, jellyfish too
Sunburnt they were and a bit thirsty too,
Gave up their quest to usurp the canoe,
Jumped in the water, and soon felt like new.

Halibut, mackerel, jellyfish too
“Timing!” they cried, as two swimmers hallooed,
Bid their goodbyes and said, “Nice to meet you!”
Then off they swam through the deep ocean blue.

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