“The Sparrow and the Oak” published by Wingless Dreamer Publisher

My poem, “Sparrow and the Oak,” published in Wingless Dreamer’s “Ink the Universe” anthology!

I had actually written this poem when I was a teenager and let it languish in a drawer for decades. When I found it, I made a few edits and then sent it to Wingless Dreamer. Very pleased they accepted it!

The Sparrow and the Oak

Sparrow called to Oak in plea,

“Let’s swap places, you and me.

Consider the opportunity,

With your strength and vitality

An eagle I would be,

And you, with my agility,

Could as the beautiful willow sway.

Let’s change places for just one day!”

Replied Oak to Sparrow,

“I, catch the beauty of the willow?

You, the path of an eagle follow?

This far-fetched fancy rings too hollow.

Instead of glory we might wallow

In quirky traits we’ll have to swallow.

What if, instead, my wide roots you earn

And I, your feathers receive in turn?”

“Please, let’s try,”

Said Sparrow, “How I’d fly!

“It’s natural to reach for the sky.

Come now, let’s agree, you and I.”

“Hmm,” Oak answered, with a sigh,

“Neither you an eagle nor a willow I.

Though the willow’s plumed joy I would love to taste,

Fanned branches beckoning lovers’ embrace.

All right, fine Sparrow, let’s try our chances.”

They swapped places, exchanged furtive glances.

Oak’s trunk shriveled, his leaves thinned and fine—

To his chagrin, he became a pine.

And Sparrow’s feet, with similar luck,

Grew wide and webbed as those of a duck!

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