My poem, “The Vet Who is also the Dentist,” published by Wingless Dreamer in their Vanish in Poetry anthology!

The Vet Who is Also the Dentist


Not my stall 

Nicer wood

No kick marks like in mine

Shavings are clean

As if no one stays long enough to leave their calling cards

There’s water

No hay 

Ah, a vet visit

To what do we owe the pleasure?

Pat on my neck

Yeah, yeah, hello to you too

Now I’m in cross-ties
Why’d she do that
I’m not difficult
She says it won’t hurt
Feel the prick of a needle
Where was I
So drowsy
What was in that needle
I’d love to lie down

She’s asking my owner for help
Keeping me from hanging my head too low
But I can’t help it
Go with the flowwwwwwww
The vet is putting a contraption around my mouth
Hey, get out of there

cold metal against my tongue

soapy taste
What the heck…
Not the teeth not the teeth not the teeth
I have very little left
What did I hear?

No more hay?
Forget the grass?
Like hell I will
Oh, I can have more sweet grain
Lots and lots and lots of grain
Well okay
I can live with that
finally done
Wasn’t too bad

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