I Imagine Him Saying Thank You

“I Imagine Him Saying Thank You,” is now published in Las Positas College’s Literary Journal, “Havik:”

I Imagine Him Saying Thank You

My horse gave me a funny look today
As if he felt he just had to say,
“Again, you carry my manure away
Such doggedness and care you display

And I want to ask you­—Who gives a shit?

You watch me eat, measure my weight
Act enthralled to see that I ate
You ask, Enough? when I stare at the gate

Is this a natural human trait

Really, I ask you—who gives a shit?

We’ve one shot at life yet you share yours with mine
carrying buckets and shovels seems fine
I don’t really care how you spend your time
But yes, without you, my health would decline.

So, thank you—now get on with your shit.”

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